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New user guide & Coupon activity

Coupon activity

Registered new users, during the activity period, there are coupons to receive coupons, receive the preferential operation method, click the user link in the upper right corner of the website, select as shown below。New user registration for coupons, $70 for $10。

Fill in the coupon code you received on the final payment page and you're done.

I am a new user, how should I place an order?

1.Add items to the shopping cart

After finding the item you want to buy, please select the following details:

- product model, version, color and size;

- the number of units you want to buy;

- shipping methods

Then click add to cart.

If you want to buy something else, you can go to shopping and repeat the same process. Buy now will redirect you to the payment page to pay for your order

2.Place an order and check

You can complete your order by following the following steps:

1. For the first purchase, please enter your personal information. Click save

2. Choose the mode of transportation

3. Choose the payment method

4. Check whether the details and quantity of each project are correct;

Finally, place your order


3.Pay for your order

You can select one of the following methods to pay for your order:



western union remittance

telegraphic transfer

qiwei and Yandex

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